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A workshop on the employability and socail rights of indivudiuals with special needs was organized by Malatya Mem on 25-26.12.2019

Within the framework of the Project titled as EUCOMPASS that has been financed by Ministry of  EU- TR National Agency and that has been coordinated by Inonu University, a two-day workshop on the employability and social rights of individuals with special needs was organized by Malatya mem on 25-26.12.2019

Ms. Öznur Çalık, a deputy of Malatya and A member of  Central Executive Board of leading party AK Party, Vice governor, Ms. Güher Sinem Büyüknalçacı, the province director of National Education, Mr. Ali Tatlı, directors of other institutions, academicians, and many representatives from business sectors and many trainers from special education institutions participated the event.

In her speech, Malatya Deputy Öznur ÇALIK;  she emphasized the importance of the workshops held in this field, and  she thanked the organizers.

She stated that many legal arrangements have been made for Individuals with Special Needs, and that they have created awareness in this field and that these policies have been successful. In addition, she added that many schools have been opened in the field of education in Malatya and that the Autistic Children Education Center is the most comprehensive school in the region. At the opening of the workshop, Hasan TOMAN, Project Coordinator, Lecturer from Inonu University, took the floor to share the details of the project.  He stated that the project was created meticulously after a long period in terms of content and activities, TOMAN gave general information about the project.


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