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Employment of Disabled People and Social Inclusion Relationship

Disabled people who are one of disadvantaged groups of the society want to live with the society just like the people with normal life conditions. This research aims to provide the opportunity of employment and vocational rehabilitation to the disabled people experiencing social exclusion and thereby ensuring their integration with the society. The research was conducted at Gülen Yüzler Vocational Rehabilitation and Business Center which is affiliated to BELDE A.Ş., a subsidiary of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. The research is a qualitative and quantitative research. Under theoretical framework, policies for disabled people, social security opportunities offered by employment, disabled employment methods, effects of sheltered workshops on social exclusion and inclusion, importance of vocational rehabilitation for disabled people, contributions of working life and social model approach on social inclusion/integration were addressed. It was seen that vocational rehabilitation centers are different from sheltered workshops and they pull the disabled people into working environment and include them in the production thereby ensuring progress in them. Participation in work labor provides income for the disabled, helps them establish a family environment, prevents social exclusion and integrates disabled people with the society.

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