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Employment Policies for Disabled People in Turkey: Problems and Suggestions

Disability; least developed, developing and developed countries in all existing and is a social phenomenon as an important social problem we encounter. While it will vary periodically type and qualities of the problems facing disabled people that ongoing throughout human history, comes employment problems at the beginning of these problems. From past to present disabled people, often has been subjected to discrimination by other members of the society. Disabled people that is showed negative feelings such as fear, pity, sadness are viewed as a burden to society. As a result of this perspective is often disabled people exposed to social exclusion; unable to discover their talents, that needs the support of others, thinking not overcome even the daily chores have been leading an isolated life. The most rational way to integrate disabled people into society within the framework of equality and independently without the need of anyone to lead their lives is to undoubtedly ensure them to join work life. The aim of this study is to reveal employment problem faced by disabled people in Turkey and is to make proposals for the development of existing policies or for the creation of new policies by evaluating existing policies to overcome these problems.

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