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Operation of the disabled in the work place for research on what can be done

In the world history, as a result of the development of human rights, attempts for the people with disabilities has increased, the service concept has changed. In societies instead of looking at the disabled people with mercy and fright, helping them to see themselves as an individual, who can meet their own needs and produce has been a legal and social objective Disabled people starts, life with many disadvantages compared to normal individuals. These disadvantages can only be eliminated with an approach whose limits and operation are determined by the laws and appropriate to the international standards.  This research is about employment which is a mechanism that affects disabled people’s blending with the society and joining to the social life. Despite all the national laws which have been enacted depending on the international laws and agreements admitted by our country, still the employment of the disabled people is not at a desired level. Our country is an economically developing country and therefore as it is the case all over the world, some macro-economic problems such as unemployment and employment, equal and balanced distribution of the income are standing as main problems that have to be overcome by the governments in charge. Within the employment policy carried out in our country, despite some positive discriminations by the laws, disabled people’s participation in the labour market is not at the expected levels and it is true that there are some obstacles that have to be overcome. This research has been done with 24 employers and 34 disabled employee in Kocaeli in order to find out the obstacles in the employment of the disabled people and what can be done to overcome these obstacles. The things that have to be done to let disabled people participate in both public sector and private sector have been discussed. Some questions such as which standards are required when employing disabled people in both public and private sectors, and what should be done for the disabled people to reach that adequacy will be answered. There are 8.5 million disabled people in our country. The employment of the disabled people will prevent them from being a burden for the society. If the obstacles before disabled people could be removed, it wouldn’t be possible to talk about disability.

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