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Participation in Education and Employment of Disabled Children:Nilüfer School School Sample

Disabled are individuals who have various levels of physical, mental, spiritual, and sensory loss and therefore they can not participate fully and effectively in equal conditions to the life as other individuals. In order for disabled people to exist effectively in social life, it is necessary to ensure the participation of the education process and employment. Educational institutions operate for this purpose. The purpose of the study was to prepare the education and employment participation processes of the disabled people, the difficulties they faced, the individual-social importance of the disabled education. Research data were collected using face-to-face interviews and participant observation techniques. The trainers in Nilüfer School of Business interviewed using semi-structured interview form. On the other hand, participating in trainings one day a week during 1 month, the observations were compiled through “participant observation”. The research was carried out at Nilüfer School of Business. The school which is composed of individuals who complete secondary education, have mild mental learning disabilities that are not 23days old, cannot attend general and secondary education programs, and require special education; is a state-affiliated private education institution that provides 4years of education within the scope of non-formal education to improve basic livings kills, meet learning needs, ensure compliance with the society, and prepare for work and profession. According to the findings of the research, it is aimed to integrate the lives of the mentally retarded people into society without depending on others in the future. In the education period of the students, it is seen that besides acquiring knowledge and skills, self-expression, social harmony, friendship, activity with other people, self-care, goal setting, participation in social activities, independence and self-confidence are gained. Thus, disabled individuals are able to adapt to society and take part in society as social individuals with economic freedom.

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