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The Suggestion a Model which Aims to Provide Social Integration of Disabilities through Increase Participation in the Work Life

The participation level of disabled people into work life is very low. The situation makes a bigger disadvantage to the disabled people becoming a part of community. Yet working is one of the main resources of personal satisfaction and becoming a part of community. An expert group which will operate for the participation of disabled people into working process will create an advantage in the solution of this big problem. There should be two main functions of this expert group: The first one; they should collect relevant information of the disabled people in one hand and should make a holistic assessment. They should contact with institutions without the lack of information and should give the right decision for the disabled people. They should assume a kind of “coaching” task. Second one; they should theprejudices that are detected as the basic problem in the employment of people with disabilities. In general, they should introduce disability and in particular they should introduce the disabled whose rights they defend. Thus, they will actualize a social responsibility as creating awareness about disability and they will ensure taking a job of one more disability and establishing his own life

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