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IO1: Social competence validation pool and Guide on further career guidance for professionals involved in the career counselling based on the results from the validation tool

The social competence validation pool is an online repository, which consist of specific self-assessment tests. They allow youth (including those with disabilities) to identify the current level of their key and social competences.

The pool is divided into 8 major sections:

  • Section 1. Work values and motivation
  • Section 2. Self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Section 3. Self-evaluation and self-development
  • Section 4. Assertiveness
  • Section 5. Communication
  • Section 6. Problem solving
  • Section 7. Stress management
  • Section 8. Team work

Each of them might be completed stand alone or together with a psychologist, an educator, a youth worker, a career guidance provider, a vocational rehabilitation adviser etc.

This non-formal validation process helps youth with disability further to clarify his/her own strengths and abilities and where needed (in case of low level) some additional support might be offer by relevant professional.

This pool is covering the gap of no existing tools for validation of social competences in the field of youth including those with disabilities. Further innovation is that we are offering an innovative positive psychology concept as a lever towards validation of non-formal competences of youth with disabilities.

In addition, a guide for professionals on further career development is available in order to help youth workers and career counsellors/supported employment consultants on provision of further educational and career development support to youth (aged 16-29) with disabilities.


IO2: European competence passport for youth with disability

This is a statement based document, which enables professionals (youth workers, social workers, teachers, career counsellors etc.) to create a tangible document, which presents the strengths of the person (youth with disabilities). It includes a verification of the current level of 13 social and transversal competences (assessed by professional who is supporting him/her). This document is in line with the summarised results from the IO1 Social competence validation pool together with supportive summary of main abilities, that the youth with disability/low skilled youth possesses.

It helps the youth with disability to:

  • better understand which social/transversal competences s/he gained during non-formal experience/s
  • make this competences visible both to himself/herself and to the external environment (labour market, youth non-formal sector, other people, society etc.)
  • present the passport during recruitment processes at the open labour market.

The descriptors of the passport are:

  1. Engagement
  2. Communication
  3. Intercultural and diversity management
  4. Learning to learn
  5. Initiativeness
  6. Result orientation
  7. Problem solving
  8. Teamwork
  9. Leadership
  10. Responsibility
  11. Organisation and planning
  12. Innovation and creativity
  13. Empathy

IO4: Interactive competence hub

The interactive competence hub is:

  • facilitating the self-planning, self-learning and independent use of the project intellectual outputs 1 & 2 by the teachers, trainers, psychologists, social workers, youth workers, who are directly working with students/youth with disabilities.
  • ensuring the virtual mediation of collaboration between them as safe and secure environment.

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